Ways in Which Energy is Wasted in Your House

In most appliances, there are symbols that advocate for energy saving. Research has it that more than 0 billion in energy costs has been saved through using products that have been certified by these symbols. Many people are trying to reduce the cases of energy wastage over the past few decades. Even with these efforts, a number still get to receive high electricity bills each month. The following signs will enable you to know how your household contributes to energy wastage.

Filthy filters are definitely a key contributor to energy wastage. Most of the HVAC system failures are caused by clogged and dirty filters. The cause restriction of airflow and hence strain the functioning of the whole system. While checking the furnace and air conditioner filters, it is important to dust or vacuum all the dusty parts so as to ensure maximum efficiency. When it comes to maximum efficiency, the insulation of the appliance matters a lot. The easiest way to know the insulation of your appliance is by visiting your attic and checking it out. If you will be able to see the joists, it will imply that you do not have enough insulation. In cases where the top of your home is not properly insulated, the heat will head straight out into the atmosphere instead of staying within the house.

Energy wastage can also be caused by failing foundations. Energy bills seem higher than they should be though energy wastage via cracks and gaps on the bottom of your house. You should therefore yearly inspect the foundation of your houses and do all repairs needed.

Windows that are not weatherproof often result in high energy bills. To save on energy, it is wise to replace old, cracked or ill-fitting windows. You should also consider window treatments as they are known to keep your home’s temperature at a more pleasant level and thereby improving on your energy budget.

If you want to know how to green your home, you will typically research on your smartphone or laptop. While you are doing this, it is important to ensure that the devices do not turn into vampires. As we do this, feeling nostalgic for #TeamEdward is not our agenda. You will be checking for energy vampires instead of the blood ones. Energy vampires are known to suck electricity even in cases where they are not in use or even turned off. There are some appliances that can slurp up electricity if they are plugged in. Microwaves, televisions, game, and cellphones are just but a few of them. Plugging the appliances into a smart power strip can help you deal with these vampires. You should consider using them for their capability to sense when the appliances are not in use and put them off in response. Unplugging idle electronics is another option.

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