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Jewelry in the Contemporary Society.
Jewelry is decorative items which are worn to improve personal beauty or social status of the wearer.Jewelry industry runs back in history but has managed to be fully operational up to date.Most people wear jewelry items either directly on the body or attaching them on the clothes they are wearing.Only the adornments which are strong and can last for a long time without alteration of quality are considered as jewelry.The strength of the jewelry is acquired by using materials such as gemstones, amber, precious metals, shells, bones and beads.The materials are molded to various shapes to create jewelry for almost all the body such as rings, necklaces, hairpins, cuff ling, bracelets and buckles.
Social culture and religion are some of the factors that determine the type of jewels that are worn in a certain geographical region.The pattern and design of the jewelry determines the age and the gender of the wearer.To denote social status of an individual, some communities use jewels.Individuals possessing a lot of jewels are perceived to be very wealthy in the society.Culture and jewelry are complementary as both contribute to the existence of each other.
The jewelry industry complements the fashion industry and the jewel designers are creative enough to ensure that they avails what is trending.Artistry work has been applied in the jewelry industry using hemp giving a jewel more natural look.The art of bead embroidery can also be applied in jewelry and create which patter that is desired.Jewelry exists in various attractive colors that do not fade when exposed to water or the sun.There is no known allergy that is caused by the jewelry material and they are light enough not to interfere with the comfort of the wearer.
One can acquire the best jewels from online markets as well as in local designer and jewelry shops where they are nicely displayed.Individuals has affirmed that they really appreciate when others bless them with a jewel as a gift or a present.All individuals have the capacity to purchase a jewel as the prices are determined by the different designs and materials used.Designs have been able to appreciate the use of advanced technology therefore in a position to produce excellent results in jewelry.It is possible to acquire designer jewelry by describing to the designer of the preferable features.The jewelry industry will never lose its place in the society as it is natural for every individual to value personal beauty.To achieve simple and graceful daily look, one is only required to wear jewelry that matches his daily wear.

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