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Is A Marketing And Advertising Degree A Good Choice?

You might be unsure as to whether pursuing a degree in marketing and advertising is a good career decision. If this is where you are then this article is designed to help you get out of that quagmire.

A rich curriculum
A degree in marketing entails various units and the availability of joint honors can aid you develop your skills in the context of another unit. One such unit can be foreign languages which can give an advantage when it comes to foreign businesses. You can also opt to do a joint honors in psychology which will give you an in-depth view into consumer buying behaviours and how to craft marketing strategies with this in mind. A degree in marketing and advertising is open-ended thus you are free to tailor your career along the lines of what you are passionate about.

A lot of your classmates will be international students

Marketing and advertising degrees attract a lot of international students. This creates a culturally rich classroom which you never know when it might come in handy. You have the potential of creating a global network of contacts that you can use after school.

Diversity of the course
Marketing and advertising specialists fall into two major categories, those that sell and promote products to clients and those that crunch data on consumer buying behaviour to provide insights on marketing strategies. This is one of those careers that caters to both introverts and extroverts-as one can opt to be the person doing the research and analysis or be the face of the company in front of the client as they sell the product and network respectively.

Employability in virtually any industry

Marketing and advertising specialists work in all sectors-from the most known to the least known sectors. Some of the least known industries also employ marketing and advertising specialists. Charities are some of the least known entities that employ marketers Most people do not know that even charities have marketing and advertising needs just like other businesses.

Ever increasing demand for marketers and advertisers

As long as the economy runs marketers will always be in demand because marketing plays a crucial role in every business. This is because marketing remains the most important medium for companies to make their clients aware of the products and services that they offer. A good marketing and advertising degree-especially from a top college – will provide you with skills that have no expiry date.

The above reasons are evidence enough that a degree in marketing and advertising is a good choice for you.

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