Preparing Your Pond and Fountain for Colder Temperatures

Those who have ponds and fountains need to be thinking about preparing them for winter. This will ensure that the aquatic environment will be able to be enjoyed in the spring. To keep the pond looking healthy all year long, prepare the ecosystem of the pond for the challenging conditions the winter will bring. Here are some steps to take in the fall.

Prune & Discard

Take some time to prune any plants to prevent dead plants from falling into the pond and clogging its filter. Be sure to protect waterlilies from freezing during the winter by placing them at the bottom of the pond. Also, cover the pond with a net to keep leaves, branches, and other debris from falling into the water.

Prepare the Fish

As cold water impedes the ability of the fish to efficiently absorb its food, aid the fish by feeding them food made mostly of wheat germ. Since soluble plant proteins help replenish a fish’s depleted enzymes, wheat germ can supply a fish with the nutrition it needs to thrive even in cold temperatures. Also, to help the fish increase their body mass and stay warm throughout the winter, feed them two or three times a day. To avoid overfeeding the fish, clear the pond of any food that remains after a five-minute meal period.

Protect the Pump

Winterize the pond by removing the central pump. When it is left to operate in extreme conditions, the pump can actually cause the water to decrease the temperature and damage the pond’s ecosystem. To keep the pond healthy all winter long, remove the main pump as soon as the temperatures drop to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. This will help to make sure that the pump lasts as long as it is expected to.

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